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Central to the Edgar Cayce teachings is the hypothesis that we all possess psychic ability which can be used to improve our lives. In the early 1990’s, The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E. or Edgar Cayce Foundation) began a series of psychic development conferences that would build upon the Cayce legacy and add to humanity’s practical understanding of the role of psychic ability in our spiritual development and daily lives. The program participants included individuals who wanted to become more intuitive in day-to-day living and individuals who wanted to explore developing psychic ability for professional purposes.

Three programs were developed and taught by Carol Ann Liaros and Dr. Henry Reed. The first was “The Edgar Cayce Legacy” which concentrated on how to use intuition and psychic ability to enhance one’s quality of life. Participants were taught to look beyond psychic phenomena as anomalies and experience a deeper connection with one another.

The second program was “The Intuitive Imagination” which focused on using the imagination as a channel of psychic sensitivity. Participants were taught techniques to reach an attunement and connection to the positive vibrations within our universe.

The development of the third course, “The Advanced Psychic Training Intensive”, was an outgrowth of a 1993 conference. This four-day individualized instruction course was completed by fourteen individuals. Some participants were focused on becoming professional psychics or teachers of intuitive development. Others were seeking to use their psychic ability in their chosen professions, while a few were simply interested in continuing to explore their daily lives as a dimension of creativity and soul development. What they had in common was a commitment to excellence sufficient to make possible this special event.

Each participant delivered a case presentation involving their personal use of psychic ability in some area of personal or professional responsibility. These presentations gave the group a better understanding of the ramifications of psychic functioning as well as a chance for the instructors to provide detailed feedback and supervision on professional issues.

The intensive concluded with a special recognition ceremony, where participants were awarded A.R.E.’s very first certificates of achievement in “the psychic development of the soul”.

The group adopted the name of “Wayshowers” with the logo of the footprints, symbolic of the imprint of the spirit showing the way. These Wayshowers became research psychic interns and educators for A.R.E., serving in a variety of capacities. Many offered mentored group training in their own home towns. Some served as apprentices and understudies of the panel of professional psychics which provided psychic readings for the “Legacy” conference participants.

The Wayshowers continued practicing and development of skills and presentation abilities has prepared some to serve A.R.E. as educators and psychically accomplished practitioners of the lifestyle envisioned by Edgar Cayce.

In 1993, the birth of the council of Wayshowers was a significant step forward in the development of a model of contemporary practitioner in the spirit of Cayce’s legacy. The group elected officers, developed a mission and vision statement, and formulated the basis of a code of ethics for psychic functioning as well as a set of professional principles.

By the year 2000, with by-laws drafted and adopted, the group began a more formal election and decision-making process. The membership had grown sufficiently to explore the possibility of forming a non-profit organization dedicated to the principles discussed in the 1993 conference.

By the year 2004, 169 had completed the advanced course and earned the designation of “Wayshower”.

In February 2005, at the annual meeting of Wayshowers, a proposal to incorporate was accepted by the attending members. In addition to electing officers, a board of directors was nominated and elected. At the astrologically-chosen time and date of 11 AM on July 5, 2005, representatives of the Wayshower Officers and Board of Directors signed papers that incorporated the group.  As of July 31, 2007, the I.R.S. granted the application for non-profit status and The Wayshower Association, Inc. became a 501 c (3) - charitable organization.

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