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The Wayshower
Association, Inc

P. O. Box 1737
Mechanicsville, VA. 23116
PH: 804-550-4609 info@wayshower.org

The Mission of The Wayshower Association, Inc. is to:

  • Lead the way on the spiritual journey of understanding self in relationship to the creative forces
  • Offer our own creative intuitive abilities in service to community
  • Be mindful of our position of responsibility
  • Behave professionally and with integrity consistent with the highest standard of love and service

The symbol of The Wayshower Association, Inc. is these footprints.

As each of us complete a certification process in the intuitive program offered by The Association of Research and Enlightenment, we receive a gold lapel pin of these footprints and earn the designation of “Wayshower”. These indicate that we are now “Wayshowers” – that, as we have followed a spiritual, intuitive path of those before us, we could now show a spiritual, intuitive way to those that follow us. For more detail, see “About Us”.

There are members of The Wayshower Association, Inc across the United States and Canada.
The Wayshower members have expertise that vary from intuitive readings and healing sessions to workshops on finding your soul’s purpose, self-empowerment, apply intuition toreal life, among others.

The Wayshower Association, Inc. is a group of individuals who have completed a certification process designed to develop the natural gift of intuition. Training is required for certification. It is sponsored by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and is taught by Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed, PhD. There are three core training programs:

  • The Edgar Cayce Legacy: This training focuses on learning how to use intuition and psychic ability to enhance the quality of life as well as understanding the use of intuition to experience a deeper connection with one another as well.
  • The Intuitive Imagination: This training focuses on the use of the imagination as a channel of psychic sensitivity further developing your psychic ability.
  • Advanced Psychic Training Intensive: This training builds upon the above courses by teaching advanced techniques in using intuition for others and life development.

Graduates of the Wayshower certification process earn the designation of Wayshower and serve as role models for others.

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